GUI805 B-25 Mitchell Balsa Kit Airplane by Guillows


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GUI805 B-25 Mitchell Balsa Kit Airplane by Guillows

The B-25 Mitchell was one of the most outstanding medium bombers of World War 2. Conceived in mid-1939, the first production model flew in August 1940 and the first operational success was scored on December 24, 1941 with the destruction of the Japanese submarine. In April 1942, 16 B-25s made a historic raid on Tokyo operating from the aircraft carrier USS Hornet under the command of General Doolittle, a raid that did little damage, but gave the US a psychological lift during the early days of the Pacific Ocean hostilities. During the war years, the RAF, the Soviet Union, China, Brazil and the Netherlands also used the B-25. The H version with 16 guns and a 75mm cannon was the most lethal twin-engine bomber of World War 2. 28 inch wing span, 1/32 scale.
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